Dharavi project : SRD Change 11 National
Dharavi project : SRD Change 11 National

ūüď£ *Can we Reverse Climate Change by 2030? ¬†Australia’s SRD charity asked to pen Journal Chapter on Climate Action; ¬†your input invited… see news article

Design makes Value, which must be upgraded to, Responsible Design creates Sustainable Value. We can all grow the ‘Responsible Revolution’. Revise the SDGs and help create the ‚ÄėResponsible Living Economy‚Äô bit.ly/RenewSDGsViaResponsibleLivingEconomy, 2023 International conference paper. Read the complementary 2021 paper showing how “Responsible Design is the Apex Design Mode to create our sustainable future” bit.ly/ResponsibleDesignIsApexDesignMode for reference and comment. Looking for your considered support. ¬†To address many big issues in the world… Advance #ResponsibleDesign thinking globally, act locally, share and repeat.

SRD nurtures the creation of a genuinely ‘Responsible Living Economy‚Äô that transitions us all to a healthier and much more sustainable world. With a focus on protecting life in our Biosphere, SRD fosters, illustrates and reviews concepts and directions that significantly reduce global environmental impacts and enhances social benefits. SRD encompasses all design disciplines, industry, well-being and beyond.
Design is a process of creation and problem solving where great opportunity exists for interventions to change current process to add greater value in many criteria that enhances the concept and practice of sustainability. Help us grow…

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since 1989,  SRD : 
Society for Responsible Design 
change design by advancing sustainable responsible design thinking, products & practices

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SRD Change 11_Logo

The Society for Responsible Design Inc. (SRD)

SRD is an Australian registered charity. This website intends to show how much everyone can benefit from some¬†relatively simple principles that when¬†combined, can¬†create multiple and significant benefits globally. Rethinking and redesigning all we bring into being with these ideas and participating in the growth and celebration of such culture will reap long term positive changes required to avoid the current negative consequences¬†of “business as usual”. Working through¬†Big Picture to Small picture¬†concepts and¬†combining the lessons from responsible design thinking and practice¬†with¬†efficiency, utility and practicality to fashion our world is the central concept.¬†This can all be expressed and designed in an infinite number of¬†ways which include regenerative and circular economy models. Explore in this site by reviewing the processes available in¬†each of the many design disciplines and expand these ideas to every aspect of human endeavour.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are leading examples of the thinking SRD continues to grow for over 3 decades through several initiatives.

The link to this supported program confirms many good steps forward for Youth and Environmental Education at the first National and International Conferences for Young Persons‚Äô Plan for the Planet. It was a great example of advancing the discussion with secondary schools 2016-2020 giving them a Voice (site may be offline) … Planfortheplanet.org.au/~ YAPP version 1.0 Students Plan 2017


Current major project Young Australians' Plan for the Planet
Current major project Young Australians' Plan for the Planet

Disclaimer: While SRD makes all reasonable efforts to ensure the material on this website is accurate and up to date, any material published does not constitute the provision of professional advice. All material published or linked is done so for reference purposes only. By entering and using this website, you assume all risks associated with the use of this website. SRD does not guarantee or accept any legal liability, including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss or damage, arising from or otherwise connected to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any material published on or linked on this website. You should seek appropriate advice and make your own inquiries prior to relying on any material published on or linked on this website. SRD has no control over the nature, content and availability of linked material. The inclusion of linked material does not necessarily imply a recommendation or endorse the views expressed within. Information given is intended to assist. 31nov21 update

#ResponsibleDesign adds a layer of appropriate consideration for positive impacts for now and well into the future to benefit all life on earth. It is essential to adopt this method of best global practice thinking, development and implementation to address current crises and the meet the UN SGDs.

Design may significantly contribute OR conversely detract from desirable outcomes unless properly studied and due consideration is applied including the latest in design thinking and innovation. Design or Innovation without Responsible Design results in superficial change(s) with limited long term benefits. Globally these are massive challenges that we ALL may contribute to in many ways.

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