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International & Australia+ Listings of leading Corporates and Products are triple SRD reviewed. Multiple sustainability lenses such as Table 12 below are used to confirm that each listed:

1. Shows #ResponsibleDesign thinking, innovation and practice
2. Progresses the UN SDG#12 Responsible Consumption and Production
3. Low CO2 emissions (or better, includes all CO2e) using low or no waste models
4. Significant development of SRD concepts and principles across this website.

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SRD Pro Active Top 25% shows good ideas & intelligent initiatives in practice. Aims to assist promoting credible work & products that can improve the future for us all. 
You may choose to use these entries and ask your current supplier why they themselves are not as good. If they are, please do tell us. All entries shall be triple approved, then will be rechecked every year for validity, so SRD says they’re all very good directions that show #ResponsibleDesign in practice …

Table 12: Responsible Design lens considerations for ‘RLE’


International List ~
SRD PRO Active Top 25% : reviewed free listings 
Enjoy reviewing the work of these leading global corporates & products actively encouraging sustainability in this growing list ( x3 SRD member reviewed, some listings pending final approval).

Architectural Designers:  William McDonough + Partners architecture and community design  :
Biological products:   Novozymes developing enzymes for innovative uses  : 
Carpet Tiles:  Interface – Ray Anderson visionary CEO took the leap to good business model long before most others – USA based  :  Shaw Contract  – Designs recyclable carpet and resilient flooring products – USA based  :
Consumer goods: Unilever, article multiple products  :  IKEA, article products for the home  :
Cosmetics:  Natura range of natural makeup and cleaning – Brazil based  :  Lush, policy range of more natural cosmetics and packaging – UK based  :  The Body Shop, article has an ethically sourced, vegan based range with many good initiatives – UK based  :
Finance:  South Pole  acting on SDGs as a big business opportunity  :
Fabrics / Textiles:  OceanSafe red dot award winning innovative products  :
Footwear:  GroFive – Expandals see feature story below  :  Nike  (pending) several good guides and design leadership  :
Magazines / Media:
National Geographic years of illuminating stories  : Environment + Energy Leader (pending) resources + awards  :  TreeHugger   an early writer was an SRD Convenor. SRD Change story  :  Inhabitat (pending) design for a better world  :
Outdoor Sports:  Patagonia + 2019 recognition over 40 years outdoor gear makers and activists – USA based  :
Plastic Alternatives:  BiologiQ resins made from waste starch that comes from annually renewable resources, light weighting, lower emission process :
Property Developers:  City Developments Limited believe that every sector can play key roles in changing the climate  :
Recycled Fibre: Uniflo Repreeve certified, traceable, post-consumer fibre materials (pending)  :
Transport / Airlines:  Virgin has worked well to raise standards but could do more – EU based  : USA  JetBlue  (pending) and Delta Air Lines (pending) Both have committed to climate neutrality goals  :  Japan ANA (pending) say they are offering Green Bonds  :  EU based  Lufthansa (pending) and EasyJet Plc (pending) are planning to use more greener alternative biofuels  :
Transport / Shipping:  MAERSK notably reaching for standards significantly above industry levels – EU based  :
Transport / Vehicles: BYD Auto (pending) major electric vehicle manufacturer – China based  :  Ebusco (pending) electric bus manufacturer – EU based  :   Tesla (pending) advanced electric cars & energy  USA based  : Rivian (pending) Adventure EV manufacturer – USA /UK based :  Nissan (pending) Major EV manufacturer – Japan based  :
 Wildlife photographers: Photo Ark Joel Sartore award winning animal photo-documentation  :  (34 international exemplars to date : 19dec20)

International List ~ example: Footware that grows”

GroFive – Expandals, innovative footwear that really ‘Walks the talk’

 As an independent, Aussie based, not-for-profit, the Society for Responsible Design (SRD) sees change and adaption are coming and quickly. So it’s great when we come across a product/ business/ nonprofit that combines and exemplifies all the good things you need to make positive change even better, and especially for underprivileged kids.

Think of well crafted and constructed open footwear that’s specifically designed to grow with their feet. Clever sandals that expand at the front as well as the usual top and heel. As for the materials, their first priority is quality and durability. Most of the upper is made with a very high quality synthetic leather with durable Velcro for easy fastening. The sole is made of mostly virgin with some recycled rubber with added thickness in all “impact and flex-zones” to put up with kids’ wear and tear. Even better, these were created for kids in all cool-temperate to tropical countries of the world (yes, nearly everywhere). 

Combine this with a priority to reduce waste, provide value through products thoughtfully designed to really last, to be continually used and to significantly reduce waste going to dumps or landfills. All of which compliments their admirable mission. So it’s no surprise that they are also a deserving 2019 Katerva Prize Category winner, Behavioral Change.

The more we learned the more we liked about this product and process. Most of their financing has come from donations and crowdfunding. GroFive and Expandals are the commercial side and their business model which is majority owned by their nonprofit “Because International”. The bonus here is that in addition to more awareness going toward their mission, revenues from GroFive help the cause of the nonprofit as well. This gets more shoes on feet that need them the most plus there are several options to get expandals for your own kids and to help others as well. 

All up, their expandable footwear has been on the feet of kids all around the world for nearly 5 years. And along with hearing about how great they’re doing, GroFive have also pushed for feedback to improve, adding this to reviews on Facebook and Amazon. This has made the whole group better and more confident than ever that their latest iteration is the best footwear in the world for the growing feet of all children.

SRD sees this as a great example of purpose led #ResponsibleDesign thinking and practice. We are always excited to see our conceptual model in the field and taking all the steps necessary for positive change (small pun intended). ReDesign for better efficiency, longer usage for less materials are all hallmarks of this. Well done GroFive team, your Expandals are great by design. GroFive is a USA based Benefit Corporation that focuses on better products for children through design and mission.  Further links  :  Brightvibes article  :  Expandals concept.  ::  Expandals web
SRD global good article final 12aug19

Australia +  
SRD PRO Active Top 25% free listings 

Enjoy reviewing the work of these leading Aussie+ corporates and products actively encouraging sustainability in this growing list. ( x3 SRD member reviewed, some listings pending final approval)

Agricultural / farmers: Carbon Farmers  storing carbon in the soil and access to carbon markets for farmers and others  :
Architects:  Architects Declare following UK declarations in May 2019  :
C Plus promote sustainable initiatives in projects (past SRD sponsor)  : Envirotecture PassiveHouse. Sustainable Home, Public & Commercial Building Design (founder is an SRD member) : Sustainable Engineering Ltd. NZ PassiveHouse. Building resilience and sustainability through building science at scale.
Architecture Project: Atlassian Central  Sydney precinct for good design  :
Banks: Bank Australia responsible banking policy  :  Bendigo bank  tbc 5th largest in Au  Community focused banking  :
Body-Home-Plants:  Vessel Nundah BYO container store, Zero-waste skincare and cleaning products. online shop delivers to workplaces Brisbane-wide.
Building Cladding Decking:  FireCrunch environmental building boards, high-waste & fire safe materials.
Carpet Tiles / Flooring:  Interface AU and NZ  :  carpet tile & other flooring  :  Shaw Contract  – Designs recyclable carpet & resilient flooring products  :
Commercial Real Estate:  Investa  commercial RE managers (past SRD sponsors) 
Cosmetics:  The Body Shop a large ethically sourced, vegan based range with many good packaging and recycling initiatives – UK based  :
Dental Care:  BrushItOn range of tooth brushes & products, charitable  :
Energy: Powershop from green energy guide  :  Diamond Energy  from green energy guide  :  
Fabric:  Sustainable Living Fabrics  Ecowool & more, Au design & manuf. : Natural fibres :
Graphic/Brand/Comms: Republic of Everyone, Digital Eskimo TBC, et al, (also see SRD executive) :
Green electricians:  LED lighting generally  :
Green painters: using water-based paints & finishes whenever appropriate  :
Green Wrap: Great Wrap non fossil fuel plastic wrap from food waste for food & commercial uses :
Greener Community Development:
  Ginninderry Large 6 star green star community in ACT  :  Narara Eco Village  greener designed community NSW  :  The Cape Multiple greener design features, Vic : The Paddock well considered eco efficient design, Vic  :
Green Walls:   Junglefy design, grow, manitain air-cleaning plant walls : 
Hair Salons: Sustainable Salons 
several innovations for greener salons  :
Hemp Products:  Hemp Gallery
sheets, material, clothing, foods and oils
Interior design: St James Whitting  (recent SRD executive)  et al  :   
Landscape Architecture: Australian Ecosystems PL  multi award winners  :
Magazines:  Renew inspiring, enabling and advocating sustainable living  :  Green Magazine  sustainable design houses, gardens and profiles  : 
Media:  Gardening Australia  :  ABC independent media across Australia :  RenewEconomy  clean energy and analysis  :  TheDriven  news and analysis about electric vehicles, and the transition to zero carbon  :  One Step Off the Grid PV and storage stories for all  :
Guardian Australia four global versions, UK based :    
Natural pools:  chemical free swimming pools filtered by plants and nature  :
Travel:  Intrepid Travel real world travel experiences with care for country & people  :

Optical:  Dresden  innovative design, all parts truly recyclable and replaceable, some frames are 100% post consumer waste :  WWF reefCycle sunglasses contains reclaimed fishing nets (may not be inexpensive) :
Pest Management:  Systems Pest Management using best pest management practices (SRD small corporate member)  :
Photovoltaic PV Recycling:
 Reclaim PV Australian owned and operated  :
Printers: Fishprint et al  :  
REAP Paper guide: /reap-eco-paper-guide (Rec. Enviro. Accountable Paper)  : 
Shops:  Biome many greener products range (still out on ‘non-essential oils’)
Socks that Give:  Conscious Step (creator was a past SRD Change exhibitor)  :
Supply-chain Logistics:  Brambles has own green goals mapped to SDGs  :
Surfing Gear: Ecto Handplanes Aussie designs for bodysurfing & ecorubber fins  :
Swimwear:  Sunseeker Renew certified, traceable, post-consumer fibres (pending)  :

Transport / Airlines:  Virgin Au tbc  :  Qantas tbc    :
manuf. Au EV pax tbc  :  
Wastewater treatment: Biolytix NZ enviro. responsible sewage treatment  : 
Wines, organic: Tamburlaine, Hunter Valley+ others organic or biodynamic  :
 past SRD sponsors  :  (47+ Australia + so far) 

Australian+ ListFeature Example Story – 

Dresden Optics where seeing is believing

While many companies say they are doing the best they can, it’s good to see clearly when a company’s rhetoric is matched with their mission, product and service. It looks as though Dresden are not only visionary, they’re a good example of #ResponsibleDesign thinking and practice. This Aussie based company designed their own frames and invented clever replaceable pins that means that all the parts are replaceable and recyclable as well. That’s right, if you have a part that ever breaks, it’s not the end of your glasses. You can post Dresden the broken part for recycling and they’ll post you back the missing part to replace yourself or bring them in for a fix, all too easy. Even better your glasses live on and don’t end up as landfill. With an eye for detail Dresden have endeavoured to create zero-waste, closed-loop manufacturing. Their products are simple, distinctive and work well. This ethos is matched throughout their business, they want to change the world for the better. Starting with a good concept that aims to respect the earth, they developed their product and processes then put them into practice with client satisfying results.

Dresden have good working relationships with many health insurance providers so it is entirely possible that your glasses may be provided at a healthy discount or even at no direct cost to you. They are currently found in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in Oz, in Auckland and stores in Toronto, Canada plus growing elsewhere as well.  SRD story – 12aug19  ***Continuing their advances, Dresden in partnership with Sustainable Salons are now offering 100% Post-consumer Waste Sunglasses made from shampoo bottles called the Shampoo Collection. 18feb20 update

Australian List ~ FEATURE STORY on Australian Ecosystems Pty Ltd TBC ~ (pending approval) –

their story has all the hallmarks of triple bottom line success… SRDpro aims to assist promoting those with credible work that are improving the future for us all.
Members may start advising or considering businesses and products in the top 25% of industry that clearly demonstrate longer term benefits for Life-on-Earth. Use both positive and negative filters to help define businesses and products for possible inclusion. Include some justification for performance, best practice, etc. Good examples may earn a free listing. The intent is to leverage 30 years of independent, positive direction advancing sustainability by design. The concept was created and developed over many years and  You are invited to submit your suggestions to srd [at]  (replace with @)  Ideally, advise website, 100 word brief, why their inclusion is deserved and any connection you may have to them. The final decision to include rests with the creator / SRD executive and SRD membership​​​​​​​. (Articles on realistically Biodegradable Coffee Cups and All fruit apple juice are pending)

2021 Global 100.
Corporate Knights Top Sustainable Corporates

Canadian compilation. Whilst SRD do not wish to overly promote mega corporates and their huge ecological footprints, those who are at the top of their game in sustainability do deserve some credit. This list reviews several factors in assessing the Global Top 100 corporates in Sustainability. The Global 100 2021 current list. Download the complete 2021 Global 100 Excel scorecard:
2021 Global 100 Free Results here.
This 2020 article from Forbes shows the entire list in brief but you can also buy the issue direct from the Corporate Knights website for a reasonable fee. The #71 (Winter 2020 Global 100 Issue) *Digital Copy* shows all their criteria for selection. Global events suggest those corporates following these directions have many reasons to benefit.

SRD PRO Active Top 25%

Credible work improving the future for us all


Corporates listed are leaders in doing good with products to match


Top 25% in each Industry (maximum)

plus listings, many more to come

Results include: educating the value of global ecological best practice; encouraging and supporting greener outcomes

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(also very worthy of review is the UN Champion of the Earth Awards and Laureates; plus Fortune’s list of  World’s 50 Greatest Leaders 2021 )


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