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Stories of Responsible Design

Slices of Real Design with Australian focus plus highlights from around the world. Responsible Design examples, direction, education, discussion, connection & more. The term Responsible Design is quite broad and encompasses all thinking and practice that is intended to give positive and tangible longer term benefits. Most of the technology is there and just needs application and re-development.

SDGs story

Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet. This supported program confirms a huge step forward for Youth and Environmental Education

In 2017 the Program kicked off to engage, connect and empower High school students to deliver the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With 17 schools representing all regions in Australia this innovative extra curricular program, encouraged senior high school students, to have a ‘voice’ in planning for their own future sustainable world. The results while first draft, are insightful and comprehensive plans for sustainable development at local, regional and national levels. 
2017 Program highlight ‘It’s our future Earth’ Canberra Conference, co-hosted by SRD, was well attended by students and teachers, culminating in the presentation of the Young Australians’ Plan for the Planet (Sample Presentation Plan Book) to the Federal Minister for Science and the Education Minister at the National Science Week Launch, Parliament House in August.  LINK : Sky News – Interviews with high school student speakers, Minister Arthur Sinodinos and Senator Catryna Bilyk. – 

Program results confirmed the capacity of Australian senior high school students, to show leadership in leveraging and rolling out the 17 UN SDGs at local and national level. The final sustainable development Plan for Australia will be available for in Jan. 2018. We’re now preparing to take this program to the world and YOU can assist.

Help Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet go Global

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Comprehensive FREE report : A new textiles economy: Redesigning fashion’s future

(or Ellen & Stella take on the High Fashion industry) Huge CO2 savings & environmental benefits if we: 1. Phase out substances of concern and microfibre release 2. Transform the way clothes are designed, sold, and used to break free from their increasingly disposable nature 3. Radically improve recycling by transforming clothing design, collection, and reprocessing 4. Make effective use of resources and move to renewable inputs. Great work and report from EMF

SDGs story

SRD Annual General Meeting Sun, 22nd Oct. 2-3.15pm

It’s been another busy year of good progress for SRD which your participation can help us to grow. The 2017 AGM is being held at a private home in Wahroonga, Sydney. It’s free to attend and you are welcome. SRD Members already have the full address, so if you genuinely wish to attend, drop us a line at include your phone number and we’ll give you all the details.

Meanwhile, have a look around our website to see the type of projects we’re helping to encourage or are actively participating in. Looking forward to seeing you there to grow the concept of Responsible Design.
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An innovative combination of technology with local knowledge that results in multiple benefits for agricultural areas. Essentially its a system of water filtration, that injects and stores water from precipitation in the water table up to a depth of 300 meters in the subsoil. The project benefits for poor farmers in a multi-dimensional strategy that boosts crop yields and food security, raises rural incomes, improves soil fertility, combats the effects of climate change, and radically enhances the wellbeing and social status of women. Several amazing runners up projects feature here as well. Great examples of positive change in action.

SDGs story

The value of design & planning for the SDGs

Responsible Design thinking and practice has significant capacity to assist with the big issues in the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Explore the goals and combine responsible design rethinking with powerful business management planning for maximum effect. Sustainia has many options to review with this in mind at their global opportunity explorer.

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After 1st round-the-world solar flight,

the Solar Impulse Foundation is launching the second phase of its climate action agenda: the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions – that will federate actors (businesses, investors, associations and institutions) active in the field of sustainability and offer a variety of free services all its members, from matchmaking and technical expertise to opportunities for greater visibility, in order to create synergies and facilitate implementation of clean technologies.

Sustainia Cities solutions Pic

Cit­ies100 from Sustainia

confirms in­nov­at­ive and pro­gress­ive cli­mate ac­tion is well un­der­way in cit­ies around the world. 100 solu­tions from 61 cit­ies which show how local gov­ern­ments around the world are tak­ing significant steps and cre­at­ing valu­able co-be­ne­fits for their eco­nom­ies, com­munit­ies and cit­izens’ health./ Explore here.. : Global relevance

Japan for Sustainability medals recycled materials story

Tokyo 2020 Game Medals to Be Produced Using Urban Mine

The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games recently announced the launch of a citizen-participatory project “Tokyo 2020 Medal Project–Making medals using urban mines”. It aims to make medals for the 2020 Games using gold, silver and copper metals recycled from discarded electronic devices, including mobile phones and small household appliances. Story from JfS, Japan for Sustainability (good example of rethinking materials – ed)

Biomimicry Network Pic

Discover your place in biomimicry

and learn how to apply this knowledge to the design opportunities in your communities through the Biomimicry Global Network.

world shipping graphic

Interactive Shipping Map

Shows the amazing extent of trade around the world and the variety of goods exported. Each ship and its contents would benefit from a healthy responsible design perspective. A great real time graphic  For developing solutions see…  and

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