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Responsible Landscape Design

Landscape Design is a perfect match for Responsible Design thinking and practice. The thoughtful planning for the optimal use and benefits of water resources, cultural heritage, visual aesthetics, practical use, while maintaining or growing biodiversity and agriculture is indeed a supreme challenge, then you have to do it within budget!

Responsible Landscape Design is an articulated expression of long-term perspectives, low-embodied energy, natural and native environments, innovative ideas that highlight local or new features in the full spectrum of high urban to non-urban situations. SRD aims to help, inspire and educate the best ways to achieve this.

Permaculture combines many well founded directions for a sustainable future based on intelligent design and sound mutually supporting environmental and social principles. Founded by Aussies with a penchant for down to earth positive change, many groups can be found worldwide. Permaculture Au :: Global :: Culture


Eden Gardens, UK. Landscape Regeneration project on a large scale.

Video: Hear how the Eden Project was built in a former clay pit, how it takes visitors on a journey through the story of plants of people, and how it is a symbol of regeneration. Eden Gardens video.

Many awesome lessons abound here & in their Eden Gardens website

Eden Gardens Pano, UK

Community (& Office) gardens cycle tour at Sustainable Living Festival (annually in Feb)

Landscape Architecture Design Rocks !

Early landscaping !

Below pics show the incredible value and breadth of ideas in projects from across 8 years (so far) of SRD Change. Each reveals different aspects of responsible design thinking. C11 Nick Papas, Communal Remediation (and many more) at SRD Change National

C7 Qui Wenhao, Flood it project at SRD Changex 07 graduate sustainable design exhibition series. Below pic shows the incredible value and breadth of ideas in projects from across 8 years of SRD Change. Each reveals aspects of responsible design thinking

Below pic shows Gabi Parke: Nested project proposing new city development to maximise ecological viability while maintaining unique local landscape qualities. SRD Change 08 : part of the graduate sustainable design exhibition series.

SRD Change projects. Each shows responsible design thinking concepts. Below, how to integrate parkland landscaping with water retention. Ozmosis : Urban Waterholes : Heidi Carlyle SRD Changex 07 : part of graduate sustainable design exhibitions.