Many people have contributed & continue as great supporters of our work for sustainability. The current executive includes…

Communications, Corporate Management & Design Education experience

Innovative Sustainability Exhibitions, Programs and more

Sustainability Focus

Collectively we have made significant inroads to many fields of endeavour, particularly in design, sustainability and education for this. Current and recent major projects includes SRD PRO and supporting the Young Australians’ Plan for the planet program. This program is following its pilot year on schedule and with great educational and institutional support across the country and growing overseas interest.

Our Exec. Committee

We have a great people to deliver our innovations. Talents and broad experience as corporate business management, directors and principals, covers a complimentary range of fields including, Telecommunications, Universities/Education, Politics, Design, Social work and more. We are focused and committed to advancing sustainability outcomes through our programs.

Greg Campbell Pic

Greg Campbell : SRD Convenor
Over 30 years experience in several design fields. Designer/director for 3 companies in design for print communication and promotions with International companies among valued clients. Interest in adjacent design fields grew to promote global best practice multi-disciplinary design. This led to 5 years design curation and management of exhibitions on sustainability taken to a National level for SRD Change: graduate sustainable design series. An occasional lecturer, served with two design organisations, earned sustainability and graphics awards, is well travelled and enjoys connections with many who encourage positive change. Greg was the founding marketing and communications consultant for the Young Australians’ and Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet Program and co-founder of The OnePlanet Partnership. Greg is director of DesignOz P/L planning new methods to promote positive change.

Janine cahill pic
Janine Cahill : Deputy Convenor 1
Janine is a serial innovator who has recently coordinated and designed her knowledge of learning, engagement and motivation into a platform that delivers learning content to smartphones called Teazl. Her career has featured a range of industries working in Strategy, Foresight and Transformation. Janine designed award-winning employee engagement strategies in large corporates and has been designing experiential learning and simulations. With a background in innovation and entrepreneurship, banking and finance, consulting, energy, higher education, consulting and not-for-profit organisations, Janine was part of the original Change Management team in Westpac. She built her career on designing strategies to engage people and organisations.
Janine cahill pic

Jean Kropper : Deputy Convenor 2
A multi-talented graphic designer, paper engineer and communicator. Jean also has a few good books and courses to her credit in several creative spheres including Advertising concepts, Paper Making and Bookbinding. Jean runs the creative studio Paper & Pixel who focus on creating interesting presentation, communication and advertising projects for a wide range of commercial and charity based clients.

Cheryl Campbell Pic

Cheryl Campbell : Public Officer / Secretary
Well experienced in client engagement, promotions, networking and client services. Cheryl initially worked in executive, administrative and public relations consultancy roles, then at both Federal and State parliamentary levels. Interest in client and corporate services management, broadened while working in the Australian University System managing a suite of specialty Post Graduate Diplomas, for a University Graduate School of Management designed for high profile Australian companies and organisations. Cheryl also worked as a part-time tertiary teacher and in more recent years, assisted the managing of the Graduate Sustainable Design Exhibition Series from 2007-2011. Cheryl has run her own successful business, working as a Counsellor and Coach assisting businessmen, businesswomen and young adults deal with the stresses and challenges of daily living. Many of Cheryl’s skills came together nicely as office manager for the Young Australians’ and Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet Program’ which continues to grow well while now Cheryl pursues other innovative means of encouraging change for good.

Selena Griffith Pic
Selena Griffith : Executive : past Deputy Convenor
Has broad experience in industrial design, design management and business management, working in commercial and tertiary positions. Selena has held positions in UNSW Engineering Scientia Experience Director, at the Faculty of Engineering, a senior lecturer in several design disciplines and also at the Centre for Social Impact in the Business school. She designs and delivers courses and programs to instil capabilities towards innovatively solving complex real-world problems, so students develop a portfolio of experience by graduation. Selena is active in many roles including being a mother of 2, a community leader and advocate, artist, designer and an avid edible foods gardener. Selena has been a valued part of SRD for many years and is a Co-founder of Social Innovation Sydney.
Ian Chambers Pic

Ian Chambers : past Deputy Convenor
Ian has over 25 years experience in corporate business management working in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Co-Author of the book, ‘Plan for the Planet – A business plan for a sustainable world’ (Chambers & Humble, Gower, 2012) on which the program Young Australians’ and now Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet is based. This program is enjoying International success  and growth in over 4 countries. Managing Director of The OnePlanet Partnership, is completing a PhD in global sustainability at ANU, and has an MBA (AGSM) and undergraduate degree in social work.

corporate business management: years

Communication and Graphic Design: years

Universities : years

Society for Responsible Design: years

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