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Connection, Collaboration, Links and disclaimer

Connection, Collaboration and development are essential to move forward. There are no ‘silver bullets’, no complete solutions but huge opportunity to assess, rethink and redesign all we create towards Circular Economy, Biomimicry, Regeneration and most of the current progressive ideas out there. Each needs to examined, questioned, improved or rethought and redesigned to arrive at the optimum results.

We’ll fully agree if you think that there’s lots more to be done. We’ll suggest further connection with the many organisations listed below, developing and posting ideas related to any interesting work you find. Send SRD your ideas and constructive feedback and continue the journey, it’s a fascinating challenge. Several groups below continue to lead and show direction towards positive change by design:

Sustainia ideas, reference and research across all areas of endeavour : TheCircular Economy in the UK and Ellen MacArthur Foundation with many free Publications : AIGA Roadmap for Sustainable Design The Living Principles for Design framework : o2 global network : designers for change since 1988 (only email connection at present Sustainable Brands the global community of business innovators http://www.sustainablebrands.comTransition Towns are communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world : : Transition Design is an area of design research developed in 2012 : The Designers Accord Phase 1 in Review: 2007-13 : Further links throughout this website and within each design discipline may assist as well SRD Story : a few of the current People representing just a few of the many who have assisted since 1989 : Ideas and SRD home. Review local and international Universities for many more Institutes and Faculties doing substantive work in developing sustainability themes.

The Society for Responsible Design Inc. is an incorporated, independent, not-for-profit, membership based, volunteer run organisation that is a Registered Environmental Organisation (REO) with tax Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status that aims to provide ideas and direction towards creating our sustainable world.  Disclaimer : The Society for Responsible Design and its committee and associated organisations excludes any warranty implied or otherwise for the information on our entire web site and any connected links. Research and care has been taken in compiling this information and it is presented on the basis that each individual and organisation will make their own appropriate tests and conclusions as to the suitability of adopting or using any process or product or service mentioned. Any opinions expressed may not be those of the SRD committee. 12mar19 update  srd @ (delete spaces in email address that aim to reduce web spam) please include a Subject, return address, phone number and good details for your idea or query if you would like a reply or for our
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