An evolving history, or how did SRD get here?

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SRD timeline of events

Recently as supporters and assistants with Young Australians’ and now the
Young Persons’Plan for the planet program…

A legacy of eight consecutive years of Changex / SRD Change : graduate sustainable design exhibitions culminating in the SRD Change National…

In 1999 SRD were the principal designers for ecospecifier, going strong now in its global incarnation…

We’re proud to be some of the earliest committee directors for the Bower repair & recycling centre, still growing in Sydney

In 1995 SRD presented the first Aussie festival of Sustainable Living with M.A.D.E. accountable exhibition in Sydney

As EDF, the EcoDesign Foundation (1991-2003), created many publications, tertiary level courses, exhibitions and projects still relevant today…

SRD formed in 1989 (the year the internet began in Australia) by designers, academics & practitioners.

A voice for todays youth

Young Australians’ Plan for the planet is an innovative extra-curricular educational program that leverages the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with powerful business management planning techniques for maximum effect. See website to follow and support this worthy program. SRD is promoting, supporting and enabling this valuable innovative program that has enjoyed a spectacular pilot year and now progressing beyond it’s global pilot year as Young Persons’ Plan for the Planet Program.

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The Story of SRD Change

A legacy of eight consecutive years in versions of Changex / SRD Change : graduate sustainable design exhibitions and culminating in the final SRD Change National. A series of 20 exhibitions, over 150 exhibits, hundreds of exhibitors and all still online…

Archive of SRD

SRD formed in 1989 and had online presence since 1999. SRD were principal designers for many projects and processes whilst avidly promoting all other responsible design and appropriate eco standards. Much of SRDs history is still online as a reference of the Society for Responsible Design Whilst the look may be ageing, much of the content is still very applicable and worthy to review.


In 1999 SRD were principal designers for ecospecifier, now in its global form promoting appropriate eco standards for building materials & fixtures. The original resource was a joint initiative of the Centre for Design at RMIT, EcoRecycle Victoria and the Society for Responsible Design

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M.A.D.E. accountable

In 1995 SRD presented the first Aussie festival of Sustainable Living with M.A.D.E. accountable exhibition in Sydney CBD. It included many exhibits featuring sustainability plus Australia’s first public green fashion runway event.

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EcoDesign Foundation EDF

the EcoDesign Foundation and Change Design, merged with SRD in 2003. From 1991-2003 EDF created many leading edge publications, courses, exhibitions and projects still very relevant and worthy of further review and development…



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