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Design makes Value and Responsible Design creates Sustainable Value. SRD encourages a healthier and more sustainable world with concepts and directions to significantly reduce global environmental impacts and enhance social benefits through all design disciplines.
Design is a process of creation and problem solving that goes far beyond form or structure and final styling or graphics. As such, great opportunity exists to intervene or change current process to add greater value in many criteria and enhance the concept of sustainability. Design may significantly contribute OR conversely detract from desirable outcomes unless properly studied and due consideration is applied including the latest in design thinking and innovation. It should be noted that Design and Innovation without Responsible Design will just result in superficial change(s) with limited long term benefits. Globally these are massive challenges that we ALL may contribute to in many ways.
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The SRD combines the efforts of society and industry through environmentally and socially responsible design practices to make products and services significantly better. There is much room for improvement that will ultimately provide major long term benefits for all. YOUR support and input is invited.
Designers (and consumers), face the challenge of considering the lifelong impact of the buildings, products and processes they use and those they bring into being. Responsibility extends well beyond the time a product is used. Designers have to view the entire history of a product from materials extraction, through manufacture, transportation, sales, use, and post-use. They need to consider the materials used, are they recycled, can they be recycled, will they decompose, be reused, are they toxic in manufacture, use or afterlife? Is the product useful, does it fulfill a real need, is it robust and durable, easy to repair, use the least amount of materials for the most performance? Does it generate pollution, is it energy efficient, is the least amount of packaging used to transport and display the product? Is the styling going to date too quickly, can the product be upgraded easily as technology improves, at the end of a useful life can components be salvaged for use in newer version? Consumers are also becoming more environmentally aware of the real cost of current wasteful and toxic production and are demanding greener solutions. Overall, most processes are cyclical or at least have many flow on effects. Whether perfectly efficient or totally toxic the decision is yours to choose and influence.
Sustainable Responsible Design is a developping direction that requires thorough revision of past thought, practice and action. The many questions raised however will only stimulate the number and sophistication of long term solutions through innovative design and problem solving processes. Those not involved directly with design still have a huge opportunity for input. Starting with demanding better products and services to actually making a difference in and around their own home, office or locality. Knowledge of the issues is the first step.
Responsible Design News Highlights :: (lots more...) SRD DEPUTY CONVENOR LEADS AUSTRALIAN PLANNING INITIATIVE
plan for the planet link plan for the planet link young Australians' plan for the planet link Young Australians' Plan for the Planet : This recent launch in Canberra will see the development of an Australian Plan for a Sustainable Planet by 20 High Schools with University & expert support. Aiming to resolve big global problems using Business Management by Objective principles featuring the UN Sustainable Development Goals, then how to put the plan into action.2page Executive Program Brief and EOI Schools form here. NB; author Ian Chambers is SRD Deputy Convenor. Contact via Web : Au, Global
Science Mag : Urban Planet Special Section : Free edition with good research, reviews & data on greener innovation & more sustainable developments. (subcription not required).
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:: Contents & Articles list Urban Planet :: US, Global
Sustainable Cities link
Greening the Economy - Sustainable Cities Massive Open Online Course. Highly recommended course to get you up to date on all the important things you need to know to be a good citizen. Learn about cities, sustainability and climate? Join this Free MOOC with Lund University, Sweden. Great content and learning, comes complete with an Aussie Professor at the helm., Check for Next courses: 5hrs/week input for 5weeks, May 30, 2016! Web EU, Global Sustainable Cities link
In July 2013 Gardening Australia magazine Costa wrote a good article on the SRD (this issue still available as a digital issue. Find many more current stories and posts on the SRD Change facebook page
2013 Talk : Turn the Planet Around : Four making a Difference by Design : SRD’s Vision for the Future and panel discussion featured : Costa Georgiadis (Community Gardens/ Gardening Australia), International author, Ian Chambers (Plan for the Planet), Selena Griffith (Driving Sustainability in Local Government & Design), Greg Campbell (Responsible Design; Sustainability events). Find out what we can do to drive positive design led change + SRD AGM : A5 Flyer : A4 Poster : 21 May 6.30pm upstairs 'Alfie & Hetty' Restaurant, Glebe Sydney, Au

The following logos are linked to the SRD Change series : graduate sustainable design exhibitions showcasing great examples of responsible design across all creative streams.
SRD change 11 Graphic
SRD Change 11 National 1-13 Aug 2011
6 star green star 40 Mount St N. Sydney
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SRD Change 10 : 2-15 Aug
pyd. design centre, Sydney
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SRD Change 09 : 12-17 Oct
Deutsche Bank Place Sydney
SRD change08 Graphic
SRD Change08 GreenTech,
Darling Harbour, Sydney Au
SRD changex 07 Graphic
SRD ChangeX 2007 :
ATP centre, Sydney

The Society for Responsible Design is an incorporated, independent, not-for-profit, volunteer run organisation that aims to provide direction to creating our sustainable world. NB; this site is being redesigned. SRD includes (the original SRD, this site) and Change Design, (the original EcoDesign Foundation EDF) and numerous ChangeX and SRD Change exhibitions. SEND website feedback and input for your design stream to: designoz[at] iinet.net.au :: GROW THE SRD ! - We want your support, now. All who agree to our aims and objectives may join, worldwide. Help us to continue our valuable work and education for Sustainability. JOIN SRD :: go membership page

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SRD Aims and Objectives

The aim of the SRD is to work towards a sustainable future through environmentally and socially responsible design practices

Our combined objectives are: