Our People

Many people are contributing & are great supporters of our sustainability concepts. The world needs…

The OnePlanet Partnership

Our Focus

Collectively we have made significant inroads to many fields of endeavour particularly towards sustainability and education for this. Our current projects includes the Young Australians’ Plan for the planet program… www.planfortheplanet.org.au This program is following its pilot year on schedule and with great educational and institutional support across the country and the planet.

Our Team

We have a great people to match our innovative plans. Talents and broad experience as corporate business management, directors and principals, covers a complimentary range of fields including, Telecommunications, Universities/Education, Politics, Design and Psychotherapy. We are focused and committed to success in our programs.

Extensive Corporate & Education sector experience

Innovative Sustainability Programs

Ian Chambers Pic

Ian Chambers
Ian has over 25 years experience in corporate business management working in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Author of the book, ‘Plan for the Planet – A business plan for a sustainable world’ (Chambers & Humble, Gower, 2012) on which the program Young Australians’ Plan for the Planet is based. Managing Director of The OnePlanet Partnership, is completing a PhD in global sustainability at ANU, and has an MBA (AGSM) and undergraduate degree in social work.

Cheryl Campbell Pic

Cheryl Campbell
Cheryl has Graduate and postgraduate qualifications, worked for over 30 years in political consultancy, corporate and student engagement services and management, in Australian universities, technical and further education systems. Cheryl has also successfully run a private practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy for over a decade.

Greg Campbell Pic

Greg Campbell
Greg has a degree in visual arts with a career that spans over 30 years in design, communication, education, promotions, print production, sustainable design and exhibitions. Career focus has been promoting sustainability projects and programs at a national and international level. Currently director of DesignOz P/L and Convenor of the Society for Responsible Design.

Vivienne Cunningham-Smith (consultant)
Vivienne specialises in outcomes oriented planning and management with over 20 years management experience in the government and NGO sectors.

corporate business management: years

Communication and Graphic Design: years

Politics and Universities: years

Success as The OnePlanet Partnership: years

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